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  • Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines DVD (2005) Arnold Schwarzenegger

Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines DVD (2005) Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Über dieses Produkt
Returning for a third bout of cyborg time travelling, Arnold Schwarzenegger reprises his good-robot role from TERMINATOR 2, once again travelling back from the future to protect future human resistance leader John Connor (played this time around by Nick Stahl). We soon discover that Connor has become something of a drifter, his mother Sarah Connor has passed away, and he has taken to the road in order to preserve himself for his supposed destiny. When Connor breaks into a lab to score some painkillers, he unwittingly runs into his future belle Kate Brewster (Claire Danes), and a whole load of titanium-plated-trouble in the form of a hot female Terminator played by newcomer Kristanna Loken. Hell-bent on destroying Connor, Brewster, and anyone else that gets in her way, Loken's Terminator comes face to face with Schwarzenegger's Terminator leading to some epic battles between the two cyborgs, and a neat string of one-liners from Schwarzenegger. Director Jonathan Mostow (U-571) clearly relishes upping the CGI ante for this explosive sequel, providing some no-holds-barred action sequences. Mostow also offers intriguing storylines continued from the previous two films, delighting fans of the franchise. In the chaotic final sequences Schwarzenegger warns 'she'll be back', hinting that there's more Terminator frenzy to come in the not-too-distant future.
Leading Role 1 Arnold Schwarzenegger
Director 1 Jonathon Mostow
Leading Role 2 Nick Stahl
Leading Role 3 Claire Danes
Additional Roles by David Andrews, Kristinna Loken
Producer Colin Wilson, Mario Kassar, Joel B. Michaels, Andrew G. Vajna
Screenwriter Michael Ferris, John Brancato
Score Composer Marco Beltrami
Release Format UMD
Rating 12A/12
Release Year 2005
Genre Action/Adventure
Additional Genre General
Language English
Running Time 104 minutes
EAN 5050904414415

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